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    The role of educator in Del Paso Manor’s Rapid Learner Program is facilitator and instructor.  Students are exposed to new concepts and are allowed the freedom to explore and investigate, through collaboration and research, ways to construct their understanding of said concept.  They are also encouraged to look for themes or connections between curricula and across time.

    Our school is home to a diverse population from recent immigrants, to first and second generation families, as well as multi-generation Sacramentans.  Our program includes students of respected professionals working in diverse fields who often bring their expertise into the classroom learning experience.


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    In our program, social and emotional development is just as important as academic progress.  We believe children should be appreciated for themselves, not only for their accomplishments.  It is also unreasonable to expect perfection. We strive for excellence. Learning can and should be engaging and fun.  Student voice is encouraged and facilitated.  We try to be fair, firm, and consistent in the classroom and out on the playground.

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    We expect students to set goals and work hard to achieve them.   We believe that our classrooms are filled with a community of learners who, through trial and error, construct their knowledge and understanding of past, present, and future events.  Students learn from each other through dialogue and investigation.  Our job is to create the conditions in which this type of learning can occur.  In doing so, students understand our expectations for their behavior as individuals and collaborators.

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