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    As a rapid learner teacher here at Del Paso Manor Elementary I see my role as that of the facilitator of inquiry, curiosity, and continual development of social and emotional growth. Students need opportunity and experiences which will allow them to guide the direction of their own learning.  I am here to provide those opportunities and keep them on that path, while taking the journey with them.  

    kids collaborating    kids collaborating
    Students work as individuals and in groups to collaborate and investigate.  Our activities and investigations are often very open ended, allowing students the opportunity to gain from each experience as much as they possibly can.  The expectation is, therefore, that all students will “own their own learning” and always put forth their best effort in everything they endeavor to do.  
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    Teaching students who are truly curious about the world around them makes my job as an educator fun and fascinating.  It is their gift to me.  In return, my gift to them is to make learning equally as fun and fascinating for them.


    I believe at my core that there is more to education than “good grades.”  Elementary school is a time for building solid foundations in our learning and understanding as well as in our interactions and dealings with others.  Our group activities are designed to challenge each student to share in the roles of leader, facilitator, worker bee, and friend.  We have a high expectation that all opinions, thoughts, backgrounds, and perspectives need to be heard and treated with respect.  This respect fosters a safe learning environment which enables every student to boldly take risks in their learning.  We learn so much from each other.  In this ever changing world of ours, I am just as much a student as I am an educator.


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