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    Teaching in the Rapid Learner Program at Del Paso Manor Elementary has helped me to fulfill my dream of becoming a lifelong learner. I see education as a lifetime journey, not a destination or a transaction. I work alongside students to problem solve, question, and explore content that is complex and in-depth.  My role in the classroom is to teach analytical thinking and, through a spark of curiosity and imagination, help students find their love of lifelong learning.  

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    Working with high achieving students has provided me a chance to explore their diverse needs and become a strong advocate who cares about the entire child. I pay attention to students’ academic needs, and their social and emotional needs to support their personal growth. I also provide differentiation in the classroom, as well as options and opportunities outside of the classroom that will help them develop their unique talents. The community at Del Paso Manor is positive, accepting, and open to all types learners.

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    My classroom provides experiences for students to facilitate learning among their peers through class dialogue. Curriculum is designed for students to create, build, and construct arguments and solutions across all content areas. Students are taught to extend their understanding of language beyond the literal and inferential into the realm of evaluative analysis. My class explores project-based activities that connect to the world of students and myself.

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    A large part developing a 21st century learner at Del Paso Manor is providing students with a sense of global awareness. In my classroom it is important that I assist students in developing the ability to respect and work with students from all backgrounds and cultures. The ability to work collaboratively helps build a peaceful and civil community. 

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    The Rapid Learner staff at Del Paso Manor works very closely to provide a unique community experience for each set of students. Teachers meet weekly to discuss and explore the needs of each class. We work together to enhance the students’ learning environments.  Since I teach 5th grade, I’m fortunate to see students grow and develop through the course of their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade experiences. I have the pleasure of making personal connections with students at a young age and further developing their skills before sending them to middle school.
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