Why K-8?

  • What is a K-8 School?

    • A neighborhood school
    • A school where students progress from kindergarten through eighth grade together
    • A school that offers appropriate curriculum and instruction at each grade level

    Why is this concept popular?

    Research indicates that students benefit from a K-8 school. Some 40% of California schools serving 6-8 graders are K-8 schools. Studies show:
    • Students at K-8 schools show greater growth in achievement
    • Parents and teachers at K-8 schools show significant satisfaction
    • Smaller numbers of students per grade level, which is typical of K-8 schools, increase achievement
    • Reduced numbers of transitions from school to school increase student achievement
    Additional ways that students benefit:
    • Increased parent involvement at all grade levels
    • Learning strengthened because a smaller number of teachers work more closely together
    • Greater personal connections to teachers and administrators
    • Younger students get to know teachers before moving to middle school
    • Younger students can be tutored by older students, and older students obtain leadership skills and responsibility
    • Younger advanced students have opportunities for accelerated study
    • Students can remain at their neighborhood school with a seamless transition between their primary, intermediate, and middle grade programs
    • Students are less likely to “fall through the cracks.”
    What is K-8 Middle Grades Life Like?  Check out the video!
Last Modified on May 31, 2014