Core Academics

  • The GRDC middle school staff is committed to providing a Standards-based Education for all students within an intimate K-8 setting. This includes a challenging, integrative, and exploratory curriculum, with varied teaching and learning approaches. A variety of assessment tools have been designed to promote individual learning, as teachers work closely with students towards academic and social success. The framework of 21st Century Skills are also embedded throughout the curriculum to provide students with key skills to succeed in a global community. GRDC middle school offers a comprehensive academic program covering the following standards:
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    English, including literature, language, composition and the skills of reading, listening, and speaking.

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    Social Studies, including anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, sociology, history, and government of California and the United States of America; American legal system and the state and federal constitutions; American economic system, eastern and western cultures and civilizations; human rights issues (i.e. genocide, slavery, and the Holocaust), and contemporary issues.
    photo of kids at PE Physical Education, with emphasis given to physical activities conducive to health and to vigor of body and mind.

    dry ice bubble photo Science, life, physical and biological, scientific investigation, humans in ecological systems, interrelation and interdependence of the sciences.

    Mathematics, designed to develop mathematical understandings, operational skills, and insight into problem-solving procedures.
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    21st Century Skills
    Collaboration/Cooperation - The ability to work with another person or group in order to achieve a common goal.
    Communication - The ability to exchange information between individuals by speaking or writing in a variety of ways.
    Creativity - The ability to use the imagination to develop new and original ideas or things. Can be used when solving problems.
    Organization - The ability to design a system to stay focused and to complete tasks and follow assignments through to completion.
    Problem Solving - The ability to successfully solve a variety of problems. The ability to use resources and ideas in a unique manner.
    Social Responsibility - The ability to understand a problem facing society or the planet, and then act in a way to help improve or solve the problem.
    Technology Fluency - The ability to use a variety of technologies to communicate ideas, create projects, share thinking and discover new ways to learn.
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