Embedded Enrichment

  • Community Service

    Community Service 6th– In partnership with the Sacramento Food Bank, GRDC 6th graders learn how to give back to those in need around the greater Sacramento area. Through an annual holiday gift drive and volunteer experience, students are given the opportunity to find the joy of providing for those in community service photo need. All 6th graders spend a school day volunteering at the Food Bank where they experience the daily operations first hand, by either working in the warehouse, food closet, or Mommy and Me Center. While volunteering at the Food Bank, students are also given a history of the organization, along with a review of the many educational and social services provided by the Food Bank.

    Community Service 7th and 8th – As students enter 7th and 8th grade, they are able to build upon the Sacramento Food Bank volunteer experience. A self-selected community service project is in place to ensure students volunteer a minimum of 10 hours at the organization of their choosing. This freedom to self-select provides buy-in and specific meaning for each student. A reflection and deeper understanding of the community service experience is crucial in the foundation of developing global citizens.


    Student electives provide a well-rounded middle school experience. GRDC is unique in the fact that we can provide student centered electives.

    Tech YES - Our highly recommended and anticipated 6th grade Tech YES program sets the foundation for future technology related classes and projects. One TECH Yes photo to one laptops and various other technology tools, allow students to express themselves by creating, discovering and learning in a highly diverse classroom setting.

    PBL Elective – Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a key ingredient to success at GRDC. This elective class for 7th and 8th grade student takes the problem based curriculum to a higher level, as students not only participate in a engaging learning experience, but are also given the freedom to create a unique individual project. The opportunity to create an individual project, strengthens one of GRDC’s core beliefs, to educate in a balanced approach for lifelong success.

    Student Internships – When a student becomes a mentor, he/she becomes a powerful learner. This is the basis for our student internship program, where 7th and 8th grade students are given the opportunity to work as teaching assistants. These students learn office skills, organizational strategies, and collaboration skills in a wide variety of settings. Students also participate in bi-monthly seminars on job-related topics such as: writing a resume, preparing for a job interview, and interpersonal communication amongst co-workers.

    Foreign Languages - Gold River Discovery Center enhances your student's learning with a program offering French as an elective and also as a one-year class to 8th grade students.  Additionally, Spanish 1 is being offered to 8th grade students based on space availability.  Students will learn fundamental communication skills in a second language and also study grammar.  Students who pass French 1 or Spanish 1 with a 85% or higher grade are allowed to register for French 2 or Spanish 2 in their first year of high school!

    Experiences Outside the Classroom

    river walk photo river walk photo 2 river walk photo Optional Environmental Camp – Each year, as part of our 6th grade science curriculum, students are given the opportunity to enjoy an Outdoor Education experience. This experience usually lasts about 4 days and provides hands-on learning with a safe accredited Environmental Education program. In years past, GRDC has participated in the Westminster Woods camp. Student tuition is discussed at the time of each trip.

    American River Lessons – How about taking the classroom outdoors? This is exactly what you can expect when learning about the Earth, food webs, erosion, soil horizons, energy pyramids and more from the sixth grade science teacher. Parent chaperones and eager students pack up and move on out during these educational learning days along the American River Parkway. Each science class will participate in 8-10 river trips per academic year.

    Optional Washington D.C. Trip – This optional 8th grade trip, takes place in the summer and is an experience your child will always remember. This trip is offered every-other year, when your child is either entering or exiting 8th grade. This highly anticipated trip visits Historical Landmarks and Monuments within the Washington D.C. area and culminates in New York City. This incredible trip is managed by our 8th grade English/History teacher.
Last Modified on January 24, 2020