In Their Own Words

  • Students:

    “I have been at GRDC since preschool. My experience has been amazing! I love GRDC because it is like a big family. I like not having as many teachers as a traditional middle school because you get to know them a lot better. I will always remember my middle school experience!” Haley – 8th grade
    “I transferred to GRDC in 7th grade. The school offers a wide range of activities such as student council and fun electives. There is a strong student-teacher relationship and familiarity because each teacher only teaches 2-3 groups of students. GRDC has changed me. I became a better student, met great friends and feel prepared for high school. GRDC is an experience that all students should have.” Trenton – 8th grade


    “I chose GRDC middle school for my daughter when transferring from a K-5 school. I wanted a different experience for my daughter, other than a traditional middle school. GRDC has been a great option for the middle school experience based on my daughter’s needs.” - 6th grade parent

    “As a mother of two daughters, I feel secure in knowing that my children will receive a quality education while attending GRDC. I am particularly impressed with what I’ve seen and heard about the middle school experience. I am thrilled to have my children in a safe, academically challenged school experience through 8th grade.”  - 2nd and 4th grade parent

    "What we appreciate about the GRDC middle school program is that it offers students some aspects of a traditional middle school-such as switching classrooms and learning to manage multiple teaching styles, while affording students the opportunity to become leaders on the campus and the opportunity to mentor younger students. At GRDC, the challenges of the middle school years are met with wonderfully supportive teachers and staff, and we are pleased that the parents and community remain an integral part of that very strong support structure. After watching and hearing from his older sibling, our younger child is already excited to become part of the GRDC middle school!" - Parents of 6th & 4th grade students
Last Modified on May 31, 2014