2017/18 Middle School Boundaries

  • Please note that if your address is assigned to a K-6 or K-8 elementary school, students will be assigned to that school through the highest grade it serves, regardless of middle school boundaries.  Please see the elementary boundary page and/or the street directory to confirm if this is the case for your address.

    Winston Churchill Middle School

    Will Rogers Middle School

    Louis Pasteur Middle School

    John Barrett Middle School

    Arden Middle School

    Andrew Carnegie Middle School

     Sylvan Middle School

    There are no boundaries currently for Arcade Middle School because attendance is open to all residents of the San Juan Unified School District.

    Note: Boundary information is subject to change. Every attempt is made to maintain data accuracy in the creation of the school boundary maps; however, some minor errors may have occurred. There is no guarantee that the boundaries are exact. If in doubt about particular boundaries, please contact the San Juan Unified School District Planning and Construction Department at (916) 971-5740.

Last Modified on November 27, 2017