• How do I find my MAC address?
    Where will students carry their devices?
    Students can carry the device in their backpacks. The technology committee suggests that parents consider a backpack with special padded compartments for computer devices so the device will be protected during transport.

    Can student charge their equipment during the school day?
    The technology committee recommends that students use a device that doesn’t require charging during the school day. Many of the newer devices, when fully charged, have enough power to get through the instructional day without requiring one to plug into an outlet. Should the student not have enough battery power to finish the project, they can save their work to the Google cloud and work on it when they arrive home.

    How will the security of the devices be handled?
    The students will maintain control of the device before and after school. During the school day, students are welcomed to store the devices in their backpacks in the classroom. In keeping with past practice, the classrooms will be locked anytime the class is not in the room. This includes recess and lunch times. Technology tools should remain in the classroom during these breaks so students can exercise and play without worrying about damaging their device.

    Are K-3 students allowed to B.Y.O.D.?
    At the present time, the technology committee is not recommending the use of BYOD computers for these grades. The technology committee feels that there is a certain level of responsibility and care that a student needs to exhibit before they can adequately care for their own device. On the whole we will continue to look at the possible educational uses at these grade levels for future implementation. Classroom and individual exceptions can be made, but you will need to seek the permission of the classroom teacher.

    Is the school responsible for the maintenance of computers or lost and stolen computers?
    Students bring their devices to use at GRDC at their own risk. It is their duty to be responsible in the upkeep and protection of their devices.
    In keeping with the districts policy on personal items GRDC is in no way responsible for:
    • Personal devices that are broken while at school or during school-sponsored activities
    • Personal devices that are lost or stolen at school or during school-sponsored activities
    • Maintenance or upkeep of any device (keeping it charged, installing updates or upgrades, fixing any software or hardware issues)

    Furthermore as detailed in the Parent Handbook: The San Juan Unified School District is not responsible for the loss, through acts of vandalism or theft, of students’ personal property, including property stored in lockers or vehicles, left at school, or confiscated from students. If students bring personal property to school, they do so at their own risk (see Financial Liability in parent handbook).
Last Modified on June 1, 2014