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    Head Start is a free program serving children of low-income families in our community, with priority given to 4-year-olds.
    State Preschool/Head Start Full Day WRAP is a free preschool program for low-income families with age-eligible children.
    Early Learning Academy is a flat-fee, full-day preschool program for children who are at least 2 years and 9 months old.
    For more information on our Deaf/Hard of Hearing preschool program on the Marvin Marshall campus, please call 486-0647. 


Preschool Programs

    Program Goals and Philosophy

    The goal of all Early Childhood Preschool Programs here in the San Juan Unified School District is to provide an environment of success where children develop skills which will enable them to make sense of the world. Children will have the opportunity to interact with materials, their peers, and adults, to solve problems and find answers to questions.

    Through a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment, the staff will plan activities and interactions which will emphasize socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical development. The children's role is to explore and discover. The staff's role is to participate in a partnership with parents to ensure their children's success.

    The Houghton Mifflin curriculum is designed to provide both individual and group activities. The program offers learning opportunities through art, music, & movement, science, cooking, pre-math, fine & gross motor, emergent literacy & writing, and dramatic play activities. The curriculum will also be supported by field trips and community visitors. Ongoing communication between staff and parents is also an essential part of the curriculum, reinforcing the children's feeling that their two worlds are connected.

    The Special Education Department maintains traditional Special Day Class and Resource Specialist programs. In addition, San Juan has cultivated preschool centers, inclusion sites, and specialized cluster programs to serve students with low-incidence disabilities.

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