Deterding Volunteer Policy

  • If you want to volunteer at Deterding Elementary School

    • Each volunteer must review the volunteer guidelines and sign the Deterding Annual Volunteer Agreement (please see the office for this agreement) prior to volunteering on campus or on field trips. These agreements must be reviewed and signed annually.
    • All volunteers working with children on a regular schedule at Deterding must be fingerprinted
    • Volunteers who only provide services on an intermittent basis and are performing such services in the presence of a district employee do not need to be fingerprinted but must be approved by the teacher and the principal
    • Sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge while on campus
    If you want to participate, drive, or chaperone on a field trip   
    • All volunteer chaperones must be fingerprinted
    • Volunteers drivers must complete a Volunteer/Employee Vehicle Usage Form (yearly)
    • Follow all maps and directions given to you
    • Do not make any unscheduled stops
    • Use good judgment on music or videos played in your car
    • Students may not be seated in seats with airbags
    • Siblings may not attend field trips with you
    • Report any car problems or concerns to the school immediately
    • Report any concerns of unsafe or inappropriate behavior to the teacher
Last Modified on March 28, 2016