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  • There has been increased interest in the rights of students and our school communities with regard to potential immigration enforcement actions by the federal government.

    San Juan Unified’s community-developed Strategic Plan identifies a core set of shared beliefs that unite and guide our efforts to serve students and families. Among those beliefs are the ideas that every person is unique and has equal worth, that diversity is a valuable asset that strengthens and enriches our community, and that everyone benefits when people willingly contribute to the well-being of others.

    It is these beliefs that our district will use as guides in our continual support of all students regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or immigration status. Our focus on educating and inspiring each student to succeed and contribute to our radically-evolving world will not waver as we work to provide an educational environment free from anxiety and disruptions. 

    April 5, 2018 - New guidelines for undocumented students and families

    State Attorney General Xavier Becerra developed the Promoting a Safe and Secure Learning Environment for All: Guidance and Model Policies to Assist California K–12 Schools in Responding to Immigration Issues guide, to help schools develop policies to safeguard the privacy and personal information of students.  More information is available on the Attorney General’s Office of Immigrant Assistance 

    March 20, 2018 - Consumer alert regarding untrained immigration consultants

    California Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued a consumer alert warning Californians to be wary of scam artists or untrained immigration consultants who prey on immigrants by falsely holding themselves out as legally qualified to assist with immigration matters. The consumer alert urges those who need help navigating the immigration process to seek assistance from licensed attorneys or legal aid organizations – not from notaries or immigration consultants. 
    The consumer alert can be found at this LINK. It is also available in Spanish HERE.

    Jan. 13, 2018 - Department of Homeland Security is accepting DACA renewals

    In response to a court order, the United States Department of Homeland Security has announced that they are accepting DACA renewal applications for certain individuals at this time. Individuals who did not file a renewal prior to Oct. 5, 2017 and want to should file as soon as possible as future court rulings or other changes may close the renewal window.

    Only renewals are being accepted. No new applications are being taken at this time. Visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website for more information and the appropriate forms.  

    Dec. 6, 2017 - New state laws clarify issues around immigration and immigration enforcement

    Among the dozens of new state laws taking effect Jan. 1, three in particular look to address issues of immigration and immigration enforcement with a connection to schools. 

    AB 699 prohibits discrimination based on immigration status. California schools, including those in San Juan Unified, were already committed to serving all students regardless of immigration status but AB 699 clarifies state law to prohibit discrimination based on immigration status on a number of fronts. 

    SB 54 prohibits the use of local law enforcement resources for immigration enforcement activities. This includes the safety and law enforcement resources of school districts. San Juan Unified has long held that our safety resources are focused and dedicated to ensuring the safety of all students, staff and community that we serve regardless of immigration status. The district has not and will not use its safety resources for immigration enforcement activities. 

    SB 257 allows students living in California prior to a parent's forced departure to meet school residency requirements. This means that if a student's parents are deported, the student would still qualify for school enrollment.

    While none of these laws change how we operate in San Juan Unified, they do provide additional clarity around the roles our schools play and the expectations our families and community can have of us in serving all students. 

    DACA Termination

    San Juan Unified remains committed to serving all students and families regardless of immigration status. The September 2017 announcement that the federal government would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program is concerning as it has the potential to disrupt families and their students' education. 

    The district does not ask immigration status of any student seeking to enroll in our schools nor do we ask for or track the number of students or staff participating in DACA. San Juan Unified staff remain committed to working with elected officials to help them understand the impact that DACA has on our students and schools so that they can seek a solution that supports families and student learning. 


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  • Our Shared Beliefs


    • Every person is unique and has equal worth.

    • Diversity is a valuable asset that strengthens and enriches our community.

    • Everyone benefits when people willingly contribute to the well-being of others. 
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Immigration Resources

  • Be sure to check out the immigration resources page for links to community-based events and organizations furthering the discussion on immigration-related issues and providing support to families and students. 

    If contacted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), you can call the Rapid Response Network at (916) 245-6773 for support.

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