Attributes of Gifted Children

  • What is Gifted?

    Attributes of a gifted student may include the following:
    • Have high energy, alertness, eagerness
    • Show leadership skills
    • Have high expectations for self and others
    • Sense of humor
    • Perceive patterns
    • Display creativity and inventiveness
    • Have a high sense of right ad wrong
    • Have command of a large vocabulary
    • Display curiosity and inquisitiveness
    • See relationships and perceive trends
    • Require less detailed instruction and direction
    • Concentrate easily over a long period of time
    • Learn more rapidly, deeply, broadly
    • Use critical thinking
    • Understand abstractions
    • Easily grasp large concepts and conceptual systems easily
    • Think logically, reason, and generalize
    • Have high reasoning abilities
    • Have outstanding memories
    • Have many interests, hobbies, collections
    • Perfectionist
    • Have an evolved sense of what is fair and are keenly interested in the decision-making process
    • Leadership Skills
    • Sensitive to feelings and expectations of self and others
Last Modified on February 6, 2020