• Differentiation of Instruction in the Deterding Rapid Learner Program

    • Faster pace of learning
    • Precocity for information
    • Intensity of learning in area of interest
    • Ability to synthesize information within and across disciplines
    • Instruction is tailored to student responses, encouraging students to analyze, interpret, and synthesize




    • Depth:  Studies a concept in multiple applications or situations; Conducts original research based on an appropriate question; Develops a product based on data; Provides evidence to support key ideas; Decides among differing ideas
    • Complexity:  Uses multiple higher level skills; added variables to study; Requires use of multiple resources or tasks; Synthesizes key ideas within or across disciplines
    • Acceleration:  Fewer tasks assigned to master standard;  Assessed earlier or prior to teaching;  Clustered by higher order thinking skills
    • Novelty:  Students are expected to demonstrate uniqueness and creativity in their work.
Last Modified on February 6, 2020