Library and District Computer Use and Printing Policies

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    Library Computer User Policies
    The computers in the Library provide access to the Library Catalog, online subscription databases, your district Google Drive account, and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).

    You MUST not violate the SJUSD Computer Use Policies.

    You MUST not attempt to circumvent the District Tech Services protective firewall settings and restrictions. 

    Playing computer games or similar activities is prohibited.

    No food or drink is allowed near the computers.

    Attempting to visit or visiting Internet chat rooms, message boards and forums, or attempting to participate or participating in IM or IRC is prohibited.

    Attempting to download or downloading a program from the Internet is prohibited.

    Attempting to visit or visiting, attempting to view or viewing inappropriate sites, or printing morally objectionable material, is prohibited.


    All Mesa Verde HS Library Internet usage is governed by the San Juan Unified School District  Acceptable Use Policy.  You may only use the Internet with at Library computers under the supervision of a staff member.  You are responsible for appropriate activity on library computers.  Access is a privilege, not a right.  Damaging computer systems, playing games, displaying offensive or inappropriate messages, pictures or obscene language, changing ANY settings, and downloading files, games or anything other than articles/pictures for research are all prohibited and punishable by disciplinary action.  Mesa Verde HS Library computers are not available for sending or receiving personal e-mail or communicating with any form of messaging.  Any abuse or violation of computer rules may result in network access being denied, revoked or suspended, and may include disciplinary action and/or legal referral.

    Online databases
    Comprehensive online licensed databases are available on the link provided on the library web page, and can be accessed from any computer using the secure log-in user name and password.

    Printing from computers
    You may print articles from the library computer work stations
    .  Printing is at no cost to students, but be aware that the printer toner and printer paper must be paid for from the Library Department budget. Make every effort to be responsible with any printing needs. Be sure to select the Library B&W printer if the document does not need to be printed in color.  To avoid excess paper use when printing from the Internet, you should copy and paste text, when possible, from a website to a Google Docs or Microsoft Word document.  (Highlight the text you wish to print, right click>copy; open a Document, right click>paste.)


    District Technology Services Computers Rules for Classroom Use

    AR0440 District Computer and Network Use Policies.pdf 

    When you use school computers you agree to follow:
    • Directions of teachers and school staff
    • Rules of the school and school district
    • Rules of any computer network you access

    You also agree to be considerate and respectful of other users.


    • Use and enjoy computers for learning opportunities
    • Remember that using school computers and the Internet is a privilege. If you do not follow the rules you may be disciplined, and you may lose computer privileges
    • Remember that school computers must be used only for school-related education and research
    • Protect your password and keep it secret and use only your own password


    • Use school computers and networks for personal or commercial activities
    • Allow anyone else to use your password or use anyone else s password
    • Change any software or documents (except documents you create)
    • Produce, distribute, access, use, or store information which is:
      • Unlawful
      • Copyright-protected
      • Harmful, threatening, abusive, or denigrating to others
      • Obscene, pornographic, or containing inappropriate language
      • Disruptive to the work of others
      • Damaging or congestive to systems


    • Give ONLY your e-mail address for communication. NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION such as your home address, or telephone number
    • Protect the privacy of others. NEVER give out personal information about anyone
    • Check your e-mail frequently, and delete unwanted messages
    • Follow basic guidelines for good writing:
      • Be concise and brief
      • Use descriptive titles
      • Summarize your responses
      • Use normal punctuation
      • Check your spelling
      • Do not use all capital letters
    • End e-mail messages with your name, school name, San Juan Unified School District, and your Internet address (no more than 4 lines allowed)
Last Modified on December 11, 2017