School Rules & Behavioral Expectations

    Common Areas
    Be Safe
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    General Playground/ Recess Rules
    • Walk to and from the playground.
    • Stay within boundaries.
    • Be aware of activities/ games around you.
    • No play fighting.
    • What is on the ground stays on the ground.
    • Balls may be used in designated areas only. No kicking or throwing balls on the blacktop except in game areas.
    • No tag games.
    • Include everyone- all games are open to everyone.
    • Play fairly.
    • Play all games by school rules only.
    • Freeze at the end of recess bell.
    • Walk to line when whistle is blown.
    • Return all balls to the ball can near the equipment circle.
    • Return jump ropes and hoola hoops to the equipment circle.
    Fitness and Big Toy Areas
    • Walk inside the boxes.
    • Keep bark inside the boxes.
    • You must be able to reach the overhead bars without assistance. No mounding bark or lifting students off the ground.
    • Use hands off behavior with other students at all times.
    • Observe one way traffic on the bars; from ladder to platform.
    • Slide down the slides only.
    • Get off equipment when bell rings and immediately freeze.
    • No cherry drops.
    Field Areas
    • Field areas are used for organized games only.
    • Report all accidents or injuries to an adult immediately.
    • Move around organized games so you do not interfere with the game.
    • Follow all school rules for organized games.
    All Common Areas
    • Walk facing forward.
    • Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
    • Get adult help for accidents or spills
    • Use all equipment and materials appropriately
    • Use kind words and actions.
    • Wait for your turn.
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • Remove hats when inside.
    • Follow school rules
    • Remind others to follow school rules
    • Take proper care of all personal belongings and school equipment.
    • Be honest.
    Halls, Breezeways, Sidewalks
    • Stay to the right
    • Allows others to pass
    • Hold the door open for the person behind you.
    • Use quite voices.
    • Stay on sidewalks.
    • Use a hall pass when not at recess or when going to the office.
    • Keep all food to self.
    • Sit with feet on floor, bottom on bench, and facing table.
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself while waiting in line.
    • Allow anyone to sit next to you.
    • Use quite voices.
    • Use “please” and “no thank you” to let servers know your food choices.
    • Remove your hat.
    • Raise hand and wait to be excused.
    • Get all utensils, milk, etc., when first going through the line.
    • Stay on designated lines while waiting to be served.
    Arrival and Dismissal Areas
    • Walk your bicycle when on campus.
    • Lock you bicycle to the bike racks.
    • Use sidewalks and crosswalks.
    • Walk to your vehicle only after it has stopped completely in the loading areas.
    • Walk across the playground to the front of the school or the bicycle area.
    (See common areas)
    • Arrive on time- earliest arrival time is 8:55 a.m. unless participating in extended day programs.
    • Leave on time.
    • Wait in the breezeway area in the morning before dismissal to the playground.
    • Bus and daycare van riders report to the office parking lot at dismissal.
    • Students waiting for parents should report to the turn around area in front of D1 through D4.
    • Keep feet on the floor.
    • Keep water in the sink.
    • Put towels in the garbage can.
    • Use only grade level assigned restrooms.
    • Knock on stall if door is closed.
    • Give people privacy.
    • Use quiet voices.
    • Flush toilet once after use.
    • Return to room promptly if not at recess.
    • Use a bathroom pass if not at recess.
Last Modified on June 2, 2014