Chaperone Guidelines

  • As a chaperone, your participation is very important. In order to make field trips educational, fun, and safe learning experiences, we have outlined a list of chaperone guidelines.

    For the majority of field trips all parents who want to chaperone will be given the opportunity to attend. In the case of field trips where the number of chaperones is limited due to the organization's requirements, priority will be given to parents who meet the chaperone requirements for the particular trip (i.e., student health and safety, gender balance for overnights, size of vehicle, etc.)

    The teacher is ultimately responsible for maintaining discipline and control of the group. Chaperones are under the direction of the teacher. All final decisions are made by the teacher.

    1. Make child care arrangements for siblings. They will not be allowed to attend.
    2. Approach the trip with a good, supportive mental attitude. Your role can affect the entire trip.
    3. Be with your group at all times. Make sure you are always within 10 yards of your assigned students.
    4. Share in being responsible for all students. Offer your support to other chaperones when necessary.
    5. Be supportive of the teacher/docent/instructor by focusing your attention on them. Help the students do the same.
    6. Avoid and discourage separate conversations at inappropriate times. Do not chat with other chaperones during instructions or presentations.
    7. Be helpful. Guide students to discover and experience for themselves. Do not monopolize discussions with the teacher/docent/instructor.
    8. Follow all policies, procedures, and laws for the safety of all students.
    9. If driving, be prepared with gas, food, and all necessities. Stopping at restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations (except for emergencies), is not permitted.

    We ask that chaperones acknowledge that their participation is important to the learning experience of the students involved, and that they will follow the above guidelines.

    Failure to follow any of the above guidelines may result in the chaperone being removed from the chaperone list.
Last Modified on June 2, 2014