AOD (Alcohol/Other Drug) Intervention Program

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    The AOD Intervention Program seeks to assist students and their parents by providing support services that address potential substance abuse issues. The program consists of 2 parent & student meetings, and 4 student meetings. Parents and students are required to watch a video on substance use, and each complete an assignment before the first meeting (please see link below).


    The program is facilitated by trained school staff (counselor, social worker, or other intervention staff). Sessions may include a program trainer/licensed therapist from Recovery Happens Counseling Services.


    The AOD Intervention Program is offered to all high schools. The program is currently implemented at Bella Vista and Mesa Verde.


    During school hours

    Participants Receive 

    • Alcohol/Other Drug Intervention Support Plan document
    • Families who complete the program will receive an incentive bag to encourage continued support toward positive change (includes Family Talk cards, How to Help Your Child Become Drug Free book and information flyers)
    For questions or more information on the AOD Intervention Program, contact Prevention Specialist Jordin Lambert by email or at (916) 979-8606. 
  • For more information on Recovery Happens Counseling Services, click below.
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Last Modified on January 30, 2020