• Frequently Ask Questions

    How is placement in Rapid Learner determined?

    All qualified students who request placement in a Rapid Learner class are rank-ordered.  Students are evaluated according to the eligibility criteria that is posted on the district’s website.

    My first grader currently attends a San Juan Unified school.  I am applying for Rapid Learner and have completed an application.  Do I need to do anything extra for my child to take the achievement test?

    If you have completed an online application, you will have already selected a testing location/date.  If your student attends a San Juan Unified school, the Advanced & Accelerated Programs Office will send a list with your child's name to their school site to be tested during the school day. You do have the option to sign up for one of our after-school in-district testing times, located at one of our Rapid Learner schools, in lieu of testing at your own school. Please contact the office of Advanced and Accelerated Programs to schedule your student to one of our available date/ time options. You do not need to do anything else to register for the achievement test.

    What can I do to help my child prepare for the achievement test?

    The Terra Nova achievement test is a paper and pencil, timed test in Math and Reading. You can learn more about Terra Nova by going to their website Terra Nova.

    Can we choose a Rapid Learner site?

    There are currently 3 Rapid Learner sites: Del Paso Manor, Deterding, and Pershing. Each site has one self-contained class at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Every effort is made to place qualifying students at the school of choice; however, parents may be offered a spot at a different Rapid Learner site if their first choice was filled prior to reaching the student’s eligibility ranking.

    Does my child have priority if a sibling is also a Rapid Learner or if the Rapid Learner School is our home school?

    We do not offer priority placement. All students are ranked using the district criteria. The only priority given is to students who reside in district boundaries and/or attend San Juan Unified schools, over students who do not reside in district boundaries.

    By when do I have to establish district residency to be considered for Rapid Learner with the currently-enrolled students? How do I establish residency in the district?  Do I have to go to San Juan Central to establish residency?

    Please send your residency paperwork to the Advanced & Accelerated Programs Office by March 17, 2023 in order for your student to be placed on the “district-resident” list for Rapid Learner placement.  You will establish district residency by submitting a current mortgage/tax bill or rental/lease agreement along with a current utility bill (SMUD, PG&E, or water).  Keep in mind that this only enables your student to be on the “district-resident” list for placement.  If your student is offered a spot in the Rapid Learner Program, you will still need to take the same paperwork to San Juan Central when you enroll your student in the district.

    How many students will be placed in the Rapid Learner Program?

    We have three Rapid Learner sites and each 2nd grade class will have 26 spaces. Most students are admitted into the Rapid Learner Program in 2nd grade.  We will have a small number of placements available as students drop from the program; however, it is impossible to determine the spaces from year-to-year or per site. The chance of your child’s acceptance is based on the criteria, the number of spaces available, and the number of applicants. We will not be able to make judgments regarding placement of your student at any time during the application process.

    If I do not reside in the district, can my child apply for Rapid Learner?

    Yes, if you think your child meets the qualifications, you may submit an application. Upon acceptance, you will be required to get an inter-district transfer. Students who live outside the boundaries will be placed after eligible San Juan students/residents. Once a child is placed in a class, he/she may continue year after year. Parents will be required to get new inter-district transfers for each new school. For instance, if you are in a Rapid Learner Elementary school and wish to transfer into the IB - Diplomat Middle School program, you will be required to obtain a new inter-district transfer.

    After I receive my child's acceptance letter, do I have time to make a final decision before they are placed?

    Yes, you have no later than April 22nd, 2023 to inform the Advanced & Accelerated Programs Office of your decision not to have your student placed in the Rapid Learner Program.

    If I move into the district mid-year, can my student take the placement test?

    No, students who move into the district mid-year will not be able to take the placement test to be placed in the current school year. They will need to apply and take the placement test for the following school year.  

    Do you provide transportation to the Rapid Learner school sites? 

    No, transportation is not offered to the Rapid Learner school sites.  


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