Math 7 Mr. Lindgren  &   Mr. Thomas 

              “It is all about the effort and attitude”



    *Email:  Mr. Lindgren: stephen.lindgren@sanjuan.edu 

                  Mr. Thomas:  charles.thomas@sanjuan.edu  (co-teach per.4)

    *School Phone Number: 1-916-971-7889   (Press 4 then enter the Extension 1647)            Room: 47

    *Remind App: This is a fantastic text based app. (it works through email to text too) Parents and guardians will be connected to the teacher.  I will be available, mostly

    6 am to 6 pm (Sunday to  Friday) I will post homework through Remind daily.


    *Class codes for Remind   period 2  Math Foundations: hhcbke

    • period 3  Math 7: 3dd446
    • period 4  Math 7: ag6ea3
    • period 5  Math 7 : e3fec8
    • period 6  Math Tutorial: c4g97a
    • Download Remind App at www.remind.com


    WHAT TO HAVE EVERYDAY Pencils  (at least two!),  Eraser,

    Notebook  (There will be a space provided to leave a notebook in the classroom)


    Effort Grade Maintaining an overall Effort grade above 2.5 is important to participate in many school activities like Field day.  The score is based on:  

    consistently (4),   usually (3), sometimes (2),  or rarely (1) doing the following:

    • Does assigned tasks without prompting and strives to persevere when challenged by the task at hand.
    • Brings pencil, agenda, and homework to class everyday!! 
    • Participates in class discussions by sharing  meaningful and relevant information.
    • Works well independently, with a partner, or in a cooperative group.


    Extra Help

    You are here to learn. If you do not understand something – ask. Extra help is available. Please see me to arrange a convenient time. Ask for help early; do not wait until right before we have a quiz, test, or the end of the quarter.


    Teachers Wish List (Any of the following items are highly appreciated)

    • Pencils   *  Whiteboard Markers
    • Pencils   *  Erasure caps for pencils
    • Pencils   *  Small hand-held pencil shapeners

    Academic Grade 

    • 100%    = A +
    • 99-93% = A
    • 92-90% = A -
    • 89-87% = B +
    • 86-83% = B
    • 82-80% = B -
    • 79-77% = C +
    • 76-73% = C
    • 72-70% = C -
    • 69-67% = D +
    • 66-63% = D
    • 62-59% = D -
    • 58% and below = F


    Homework and classwork will count for 10% of your grade.  Tests, quizzes, notebooks, projects, presentations and other assessments will count for 90% of your grade.  

    Parents and students can check grades and attendance in the portal:   

    Academic grades will start posting in September;  effort grades will post sooner.            



    More on how are you are graded

    • Classwork and Notebooks-Students will complete warm up questions at the beginning of class in their notebook.  Practice and examples will also go into the notebook. Notebooks will be checked and graded on content and organization.  A notebook check results is a quiz score. Notebook checks twice per quarter.
    • Homework-Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.   Homework will be a handout or a page from the consumable textbook. For credit homework must be complete, organized, and neat.  Homework is due at the beginning of the period the next day.
    • Retakes on Quizzes, tests- Students will be allowed to retake any individual quiz or test.  Before being allowed to retake the quiz or test, students need to correct all of the problems they missed on the original quiz or test.  Students must come in during lunch or after school for the retake. The highest possible grade on a retake is a B.
    • Absences- Check the RED CRATE for the homework assignments or ask another student.  It is YOUR responsibility to complete all missing assignments when you get back.


    This is considered your first homework assignment! (Only this page)

    Please have your parent/guardian review the course syllabus for Mr. Lindgren’s math class. 

    Student Name_________________ Date: ________________

    We have read the course syllabus and understand the policies and expectations of Mr. Lindgren. We know that if we have any questions we can contact Mr. Lindgren to get them answered.

    ____________________ _________________________

    Student Signature Parent Signature

    Please provide me with the following information so I can easily contact you via Remind App. Thanks!

    Parent Name (printed): ___________________________________________________

    Best Cell number for Remind App Messages: _____________________________________


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