A student is truant who has an unexcused absence or is more than 30 minutes tardy three or more days in one school year or a combination of unexcused absences over 30 minutes or more. 

    It is the responsibility of both the parent and the student to monitor the student’s attendance records.  Students should check their attendance at least once every 5 days to verify accuracy and clear unresolved absences.

    * All absences must be cleared within 5 school days.  After the 5th day, attendance marks are permanent and un-cleared absences automatically roll to cuts. 

    *You can check attendance on the Parent Portal.

    • Students may receive their password information in the Attendance or Counseling Offices.
    • Parents may obtain a PIN and password by coming to the Attendance Office with proof of identification. 

Last Modified on July 18, 2017