• If I could go ANYWHERE in the world, then where would I go? That's the question posed for our first writing assignment. Students utilize the Step-Up to Writing technigue. This incorporates colors for types of sentences. Green is the topic sentence. Yellow are the transition sentences....first, next, finally. Reds are the examples, explanations, or ellaboration that enhance the yellows. And finally another green to conclude their paragraphs. 

    Look carefully at their rough draft papers and you'll "get it".

    Paragraphs are due this Friday, September 13th 

    Included is the Grading rubric and pictures of quality paragraphs.



    Must be attached

    Travel Paragraph Rubric


    Example Paragraphs

    Example Paragraph 1

    Example Paragraph 2

    Example Paragraph 3 

    Example Paragraph 4

Last Modified on August 11, 2020