Instructional Technology Plan


    During the 2016-17 school year, the principal, teachers, and parents worked together to create a comprehensive plan to integrate age-appropriate technology skills into classrooms at each grade level, Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.  These skills, or student-based outcomes, were derived from the California Common Core State Standards and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students.

    Our Mission

    A collaborative, nurturing community, Earl LeGette K-6 Elementary School inspires, challenges, and educates each student to excel in a dynamic world through a cutting-edge and engaging environment that fosters social/emotional well-being, creativity, digital citizenship, collaboration, develops character, ensures critical thinking, and ignites a lifelong passion for learning.

    Philosophy of Educational Technology

    We are committed to utilizing technology as a tool to improve learning, teaching and organizational effectiveness.  Information and communication technologies are essential tools for consistent improvement of our curriculum, instructional methods and assessment in order to achieve academic excellence.  Through the systematic integration of technology, our students will become:

    • Empowered learners
    • Digital citizens
    • Knowledge constructors
    • Innovative designers
    • Computational thinkers
    • Creative communicators
    • Global collaborators


    Our Instructional Technology Plan Will:

    • Support and enhance powerful learning
    • Provide guidelines for staff development and allocation of resources
    • Provide a framework to monitor, adjust, document and formalize the integration of technology
    • Be the catalyst to standardize school-wide use of technology into instructional and administrative programs
    • Develop in learners a sense of interrelatedness of the world


    Equipment and Software Distribution Plan

    • Classrooms will have a minimum ratio of one computer for every three students
    • Every classroom is assigned one teacher workstation computer
    • Maximize access to computer-on-wheel (COW) units
    • Fully support and utilize a Chrome-based lab


    Staff Development Plan

    Ongoing staff development is essential for the successful implementation of a technology plan.  Our goal is to make staff and students self-sufficient users of technology including troubleshooting, basic upkeep and maintenance and learning new programs.  To achieve this, we will implement the following:

    • Site based technology classes will be offered as determined by staff needs
    • Provide funding for conferences and workshops when possible
    • Volunteer training
    • New staff training
    • Student training


    Policies, Procedures and Protocols

    To ensure the effective implementation of the technology by all involved we will follow all district policies, procedures and protocols as listed in the San Juan Unified School District Board Policy AR 0440.1(a).

    Instructional Technology Standards 

    Earl LeGette Elementary School technology standards focus primarily on learning outcomes, which will drive equipment and software/apps distribution and professional development offerings.  These standards are used to provide guidelines and data for making decisions.  

             Grade Level Student Outcomes


                      First Grade

                      Second Grade

                      Third Grade

                      Fourth Grade

                      Fifth Grade

                      Sixth Grade



    A special thank you to the following individuals for their hard work in developing our base Instructional

    Technology Plan (ITP) for Earl LeGette Elementary School:

    Greg Barge, Principal

    Mary Hamel, Parent

    Susanne Hutton, Teacher

    Debbie Jansson, Teacher

    Krissie Jones, Parent

    Dana Katz, Parent

    David Lathrop, Teacher

    Roger Nattkemper, Parent

    Jeremy Stefanek, Parent

    Todd Taylor, Teacher

    Sara Wan, Teacher


Last Modified on August 20, 2017