• 8/15- Name the two frontiersman characters that were featured in the filming of when Disneyland was being constructed.  They were two characters that were used to get fans excited about Disneyland.

    Answer: Daniel Boone, Davey Crocket

    8/20- What is the oldest object in disneyland?

    Answer:  Petrified Tree

    8/21- What was Tramp's name in "Lady and The Tramp?"  

    Answer: Butch

    8/27- What is the only Disney Movie where the main character does not speak?

    Answer: Dumbo

     8/27- What plant is originally from the farm that Disneyland was built on? What is it's name?  What land is it in?  Bonus...What ride is it in front of?

    Answer: Palm Tree, Domingez Palm, Adventureland, Jungle Cruise

     9/3- What is Maleficent's pet raven's name?

    Answer: Diablo

    9/4- What character was originally considered to play the sorcerer in fantasia?

    Answer: Dopey

    9/10 What is the Nurse Maid's name in Peter Pan?

     Nana The Dog

    9/11- What Disney movie was set in San Francisco?  Hint: Starts with "The"

    Answer: The Love Bug

    9/12- What animal is on the end of the most famous Umbrella in a Disney movie?  (Live Action)

    Answer: Parrot (Mary Poppins)

    9/24- What is the fastest ride in Disneyland?

    Answer: Monorail/Splash Mountain

    9/30- Who is the longest employed cast member in Disneyland?

     Answer: Oscar Martinez

    10/8- How many horses are on King Arthur's Carousel in Disneyland?

    Answer: 68

    10/18- What are the three hitchhiking ghosts' names in the Haunted Mansion?

    Answer: Phineas, Gus, Ezra

    10/21- Substitutiary Locomotion is a song from which Disney movie?

    Answer: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

    10/28-What is Donald Duck's sister's name?

    Della or Dumbella 

     10/17/19- Which Disney princess wears pants rather than a dress?


    10/23/19- On Opening day, how many attractions were at Disneyland?


    11/12/19- Name the boats in Disneyland, on the rivers of america.....also name the other boats that run on, or have run on the river for extra money (hint: there are 3 types)

    Mark Twain----Sailing Ship Columbia----Mike Fink Keel Boats-----Canoes....Tom Sawyer Rafts

    11/19/19- What land was at Disneyland but they removed it? Hint: Known as the lost land of Disneyland.

    Holiday Land

    12/02/19 What is the Yeti Monster's name in the Matterhorn?


    12/07/19- What is Captain Hook's ship named?

    Jolly Roger

    12/17/19- What are the names of all the trains in Disneyland?  

    C.K. Holliday

    E.P. Ripley

    Fred Gurly

    Ernest S. Marsh

    Ward Kimball

    Casey Junior Circus Train


    What Disney character is on the Ward Kimball Locomotive?

    Jimminy Cricket

    1/9/20 There is a gold Spire on Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland.  What is said to be inside that spire?


    1/15/20- What Disney Movie Character has a horse dedicated to them on the King Arthur Carousel?  What is the horse's name?

    Mary Poppins- Jingles

     1/20/20-  Who was the sponsor for the "Enchanted Tiki Room?" hint...there are two

     United Airlines and Dole

    1/29/20- What was Walt's favorite Food?

    Chili beans

    2/5/20- What ride in Disneyland is based off of a movie that you cannot buy or download today?  Bonus: What is the name of the movie? Bonus: Part of the attraction came from another attraction....name where it came from?

    Splash Mountain, Song of The south, America Sings

    2/10/20 On what attraction in Disneyland can you see a piano playing by itself?

    Pirates of the carribean

    2/12/20- How much did Parking cost at Disneyland when it first opened?

Last Modified on February 12, 2020