Additional Library Services

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    Additional Services

    Printing Services

    The library provides both a Black & White LaserJet printer, and a Color LaserJet printer, for staff and student use.  It is expected that all users will use good judgment in the number of copies printed, as all expenses for printer toner cartridges and replacement parts must be covered by the library program budget.

    Lamination Services

    A hot seal lamination machine is available for school staff use, and for teacher approved student projects.  The maximum width that can be sent through the machine is 24", although larger sizes can be accommodated in the material can be folded along the middle axis; note that this will result in either a horizontal or vertical seam along the length of the item (the seam is very small and mostly not readily visible).  All items being laminated must be flat, and not compromize the rubber rollers that feed the material through the machine - no sharp object, metal pieces, raised buttons or decorative appliques.

    Labeling Services

    A label making machine is available to create stick-on labels.  Black lettering on a white background, red lettering on a white background, and black lettering on a clear backgroud are available.  In addition to a limited selection of letter height sizes, a modest number of special symbols are available from the keypad.


    Photocopy Services

    A photocopy machine is available for school related materials.  The machine copies on one side only.  A light/dark adjustment button can be used to improve the quality of the printer document.

    Student Supplemental Support Materials

    A supply table is available in the main library area, with a 3-hole punch, a stapler, a clear-tape dispensor, a can with pencils and pens (black ink), scratch paper, and an electric pencil sharpener.  Scratch paper is available in the metal tray.  Free 3-ring binders are available while the supply lasts; most are 3-inch binders, with a few 1-inch and 2-inch binders.  A multi-outlet surge power strip is available for recharging mobile devices; users must provide their own power adaptor and cable.


    School-Year Information and Events Archive

    A year-by-year archive file is maintained, with information flyers, meeting notes, announcement flyers, printed pictures, and similar materials that have been gathered from around the school grounds, office information holders, and other sources.

    Yearbook Archive

    All yearbooks produced since the opening of the school, from 1975 to the present, are kept in a locked storage cabinet in the library/textbook storage room.  All use of these yearbooks is confined to the main library area; they cannot be checked out or taken from the library.  As needed, the library photocopy machine can be used to make copies of individual pages from a yearbook.

Last Modified on January 24, 2020