• Learning Supports Teams (LST)

    In alignment with San Juan Unified School District's Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS), Learning Supports Teams training and coaching is available to all interested schools in the district.  As of 2017-18, 23 SJUSD school sites have participated in LST training.

    What is a Learning Supports Team?

    Most schools have teams that focus on individual student issues (e.g., a Student Study Team - SST, a Student Intervention Team). These teams tend to focus on such activities as case management, triage and referral.  In contrast to this case-by-case focus, a Learning Supports Team (LST) can take responsibility for enhancing the use of all resources available to the school for addressing barriers to student learning. Barriers to learning interfere with students' ability to participate effectively and benefit from classroom instruction.  The work of an LST includes analyzing school site data, mapping how existing resources are deployed and clarifying how they can be used to build a comprehensive and cohesive approach to eliminating barriers to student learning.  

    A Learning Supports Team is comprised of invested individuals who work collaboratively to address barriers to student learning: 

    • Principal or Vice Principal • School Psychologist • Counselor • School Nurse • School Social Worker • Behaviorist • Special education teacher • Parents, Students and Community Members


    Learning Supports Team Training Opportunities

    Katie Knifton (916) 971-xxxx


    Addressing Barriers to Learning


    Learning Supports Teams come from the work Howard S. Adelman and Linda Taylor at the Center for Mental Health in Schools and Student/Learning Supports at UCLA. http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/


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Last Modified on August 2, 2022