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    February 7, 2019




    San Juan School Board
    Meeting – September 25, 2018
    Remarks from Mary Beth Barber, Chair
    Parent Advisory Committee, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

    Good evening members of the Board of Education for San Juan Unified – It’s good to be back in front of you this year as the chair for the Local Control Accountability Plan and its Parent Advisory Committee. I’m honored to serve as its chair for a second year.

    As you know, the Parent Advisory Committee – or PAC – has many new members for the 2018-19 school year, including three new student members. This brings the total number of students to four. The new PAC members in general represent the wide demographic of the San Juan community, including more schools and the LCAP impacted groups of English language learners, foster children and youth, and families that receive free or reduced lunch benefits.

    The first meeting of the year for the PAC took place last Thursday, and from all appearances it appears to be a dynamic, devoted and passionate group.

    There remains the concern about the complexities of the LCAP process and the information download necessary for PAC members – even more so this year with so many new members. This concern was heightened because of the fact that we ran out of time during the meeting for an overview of some of the basics, as the initial introductions and the presentation by the Sacramento County Office of Education ran long.

    I take that responsibility upon myself as the meeting chair and timekeeper, and want to reassure the Board that for future PAC meetings I will work harder to move the meeting along at a more timely rate, including limiting the presentations by staff and others to insure the PAC members have adequate time to ask questions and discuss the important issues concerning LCAP.

    The next series of meetings for the PAC will be the participation in the three Data Equity Walk forums and getting to know the issues at the school site level. We will come together again in November to share our observations, and I expect to be in front of you after that meeting with the thoughts from the PAC.

    There were questions from the experienced PAC members about the lack of reappointment of three of the experienced members who under the bylaws for the committee were eligible for a third two-year term. There has historically been support a longer time period for this committee and a vote for the bylaws by you for this, especially given the complexities of the LCAP process and the knowledge it takes to offer informed advice. This will be a topic for discussion the next time the PAC is together as a whole.

    Finally, I would like to encourage all of you, as Board members of our school district, to please ask question of our PAC members, especially myself as Chair and Tom Nelson as vice chair. We are here at your disposal at the Board meetings to provide information, including through a give-and-take here at Board meetings. When I say to you or tell staff that I’m available for questions, I mean it – and I will do my best to offer a collective summary of the comments and thoughts of the PAC and not my personal opinion. If I cannot be in front of you, vice chair Nelson has offered to be here to do the same, and between the two of us, we are available to you as your advisory committee.



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