• Cash in Lieu


    If you receive cash-in-lieu of medical benefits, you opted in this benefit by signing a waiver and providing evidence of coverage from somewhere else.   The Affordable Care Act requires us to obtain a signed waiver from you and have you provide evidence of coverage once a year, every year. As such, if you wish to continue receiving cash-in-lieu of medical benefits for the 2021 Plan Year, you will need to sign a waiver and provide evidence of coverage elsewhere by November 20, 2020. Please sign the Waiver of Medical Coverage Attestation and provide with proof of coverage. 

    You may complete the paperwork in any of the following ways:

    Print off the Waiver of Medical Coverage Attestation, sign it and mail it into the Benefits office with proof of coverage of your insurance.  (Mail to: SJUSD/Benefits Office, 3738 Walnut Avenue, Carmichael, CA 95608.)  The waiver is also available on the District Benefits website.  Bring in your signed waiver and a copy of your insurance proof of coverage to the Benefits office.

    Here are some FAQs:

    What is the cash-in-lieu benefit? Employees that have medical coverage elsewhere (such as through a spouse or domestic partner) receive money for waiving their medical coverage at San Juan.  Coverage obtained in the individual market, whether or not obtained through the public Marketplace (for California residents, this means Covered California) does not qualify.


    What happens if I don’t sign a new waiver? You will no longer receive the cash-in-lieu of medical benefit.


    What happens if I was recently hired, do I need to complete the waiver again?  If you signed a waiver during the months of August 2020 through the current date you do  not need to complete another waiver for the 2021 benefits plan year.  


    What happens if I don’t provide evidence of coverage? You may no longer receive the cash-in-lieu of medical benefit and the district will enroll you for the lowest cost health plan for single party coverage paid for by the district.


    What is proof of evidence of coverage? A printout of your benefit eligibility from your current insurnce provider which reflects your name on the coverage or a letter from the group sponsor that you are covered under.


    What if I no longer have coverage elsewhere?  If you do not sign up for medical coverage during an open enrollment and you are not able to provide proof of coverage elsewhere, the district will enroll you into the lowest cost health plan for single party coverage which is paid 100% by district contributions.


    When must I submit a medical waiver form for the 2021 plan year? By November 20, 2020 (the effective date will be 01/01/21) and every year thereafter.


    What if I don’t want ‘cash-in-lieu’ any longer? If you do NOT want to continue receiving 125 cash in lieu, please enroll in the medical plan during Open Enrollment, which is September 21st through November 20, 2020.


Last Modified on November 11, 2020