• Which Classified Job Openings Require Testing?

    Passage of a pre-employment test is required for the following classified job openings in the San Juan Unified School District:

    • Accounting Tests
      • Account Clerk I & II
      • Accounting Technician
      • Payroll Technician I & II
      • School Controller


    • Proficiency Tests - Most positions, including, but not limited to, the following classifications:
      • Instructional Assistant - all types
      • Child Development Assistant


    • Workplace Technology Assessment
      • Secretary (Elementary, Middle & High School)
      • Clerk, Intermediate Clerk Typist & Senior Clerk Typist
      • Middle/Senior Records & Reports Clerk
      • Administrative Assistant


    Typing Tests

    San Juan employee candidates no longer require typing test scores to gain employment, so typing tests are no longer proctored in our testing center.



    When & Where are Proficiency Tests and Assessments Given?

    • District office testing center at Human Resources
    • All assessments are given by appointment only
    • Please click on the "Book Now" button below to schedule a testing appointment
    • You will need an unexpired picture ID to test (e.g. Driver's License, Passport or DMV ID card)


    Applicants will be provided both a printed and electronic version of their assessment results. The Proficiency test requires a minimum 70% passing grade in order to receive final results - specific sections of the test may be re-taken until the passing percentage is met. Applicants completing assessments are encouraged to keep electronic results as they do not expire.



    Web Resources for Proficiency Test Preparation

    The websites below are suggested as places to start with upgrading your testing skills. These sites are not sponsored by SJUSD and we are not responsible for the content.





    For more information about classified testing, please contact: Human Resources at (916) 971-7745


Last Modified on July 7, 2022