IB Exam Schedule May 2022

  • Tests will be administered on campus in the Flex Space (H103) and the Gym

    Arrive 10 minutes before the posted exam time.  Students will be seated roughly 10 minutes before the posted time.

    Bring your stationery in a clear container, or no container at all.  You’ll need the following:

    • Pens (blue or black ink only)
    • Pencil for drawing diagrams
    • Ruler or straight edge for drawing diagrams

    A watch or small clock is allowed and might be a good idea if you get nervous about remaining time.

    No sharing stationery in the exam room - do that outside.

    No talking in the exam room.

    Know your exam numbers, that’s how you’ll be seated.


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May 2022 IB Exam Schedule
Last Modified on March 16, 2022