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    This Social Studies project involves assembling a puzzle of the United States. In the packet provided, you will find an outline map of each one of the 50 states, plus the Great Lakes. Your job is to label, color, cut, and paste all onto a large piece of poster board (22x28), as accurately and neatly as possible.                         

    All coloring, along with cutting all the states out, will be completed at home and due by February 3. I suggest doing one page a night. Please keep all pieces in the bag provided. We will be putting the “puzzle” together in class starting the week of February 3. I will supply the 22x28 poster board.


             1stColor each state with the labeled color (For example,

             California is blue). Use crayons or colored pencils ONLY.

             Please NO colored markers or gel pens!

             2ndCut out each of the states and the Great Lakes

             following borders as carefully as possible. Cut out the

             circles that enclose Hawaii and Alaska.

             3rdLay out the puzzle pieces on the poster board.

             Carefully glue together. We will do this step

             together in class.


    Good luck and have fun! Feel free to complete the above steps before the due date.


    This project is worth 100 points:

    • All states in the appropriate spaces 80 points
    • Neat and colorful 20 points
Last Modified on December 4, 2019