• Centers

    After homework time students will work together on various projects, crafts, games, and puzzles.

    Some activities we have done this year include: 

    Slime (we made puffy slime with shaving cream & slime with food coloring)

    Sight word bingo

    Straw towers (using tape and straws)

    Marshmallow towers (using marshmallows and tooth picks)


    Rubber band looms

    Image result for rubber band looms

    Fuse beads

    Image result for fuse beads



    Image result for make lanyards


    Bead bracelets

    Card games


    Charades & Reverse Charades

    Paper plan races


    Making snow flakes

    Paper bag art (puppets, spooky tree)

    Poster creations (make a zoo, desert, ocean, etc)


    We are always looking for more ideas, so please share yours:)