• Friday Clubs

    1st 3rd grade group & 3rd - 4th grade group

    Legos, Drawing, Chess, Movies, & Music/Karaoke

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    Practice toward mastery learning

    Students will get to participate in drawing and legos throughout the year. New drawing books and lego pieces will be added to keep the learning process evolving. Recently we incorporated Meeper bots which are lego cars that can be driven and programmed with our iPads.

    Student's learning can grow through the hands on experience. Also, students may collaborate and share with each other their creations and ideas. It takes time and practice to develop and sharpen their skills. Each time students learn they can take that new learning to build or draw something new.

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    Students may also participate in playing chess with each other with our iPads. The iPads ensure the students move the pieces correctly. We will be purchasing some actual chess boards and pieces soon once the students understand the mechanics and rules of the game.

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    Once a month we can play a movie during the club. Many students enjoy the multitasking of watching a movie while working on their projects. While other days we will play music in the background for students to enjoy. Karaoke can also be used as we did for our Karoake Gingerbread Family Night Event in December.


    4th - 6th grade group

    Students voted for most of their clubs. Here are some of the clubs they have done this year.

    Cooking (smoothies, caramelized pop corn)

    Garageband (make music and save to itunes)

    Beyblade (spinning pieces that compete with each other)

    K-nex (Construction & engineering)

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    Meeperbots are lego cars that can be driven manually or programmed to run a course using one of our iPads.

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    Science (slime, scientific method, quick sand)

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    Cooking club - Throughout the year we will be making a variety of dishes using a variety of devices. We have made caramel popcorn, smoothies, and a couple of rice dinners with chicken and vegetables. Students are currently practicing with a pressure cooker.

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