• The Spirit of San Juan 2018 honorees were: 


    Joshua Davis Joshua Davis
    Student, Rio Americano High School

    Joshua is a senior at Rio Americano High School and volunteers his time to the school's Independent Living Skills program. He lifts spirits of special education students and encourages other general education students to become more involved in the special education community.

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    Christopher Green Christopher Green
    Community Intervention Specialist, Sylvan Middle School

    Christopher supports students at Sylvan who are on a behavior contract. He is the biggest cheerleader for these students and helps them navigate their day. On campus you can easily spot Christopher engrossed in a conversation with students, motivating them to succeed.

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    Michele Horner Michele Horner
    Teacher, Trajan Elementary School

    Michele is a leader and role model at Trajan. After the devastating fires in Sonoma County this fall, Michele brought a plan of action to the school district to support schools affected in Sonoma County. She has shown students what you can do with hard work and dedication to a common cause.

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    Wanda Kirkland Wanda Kirkland
    Food Service Worker, Mariemont Elementary School

    Along with keeping students fed at Mariemont, Wanda connects with students to help them make the best choices possible. Students look forward to helping Wanda, and she serves as an important role model and trusted adult on campus. Outside of the lunchroom, you will find Wanda engaging with students through dance and songs.

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    Martha Quadros Martha Quadros
    Program Manager, English Learner & Multicultural Education Department at San Juan Unified

    Martha helps students and families overcome all odds through developing and implementing programs for English learner and refugee students. Being an immigrant herself, Martha inspires others to be supportive and thoughtful in their interactions with underrepresented students.

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    Khira Toussant Khira Toussant
    Student, Arden Middle School

    Khira started the Black Student Union at Arden. The club includes every ethnicity and works on breaking down stereotypes and bringing together the student body. Khira inspires both students and staff to be the best versions of themselves, free of judgment and stereotypes.

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Last Modified on April 23, 2018