• Del Paso Manor Scores at the SEVA Awards!


    seva awards



    Thank you to the many DPM families and students that attended the annual SEVA Awards on Sunday, May 5.  Del Paso Manor had a wonderful turn out and the school was well represented. There were 10 finalists and 4 SEVA winners from Mrs. Darrow's fifth grade Rapid Learner class. Congratulations to every student in room 16; Del Paso Manor is very proud of your hard work during this project.


    10 Finalists

    Documentary: The Benefits of Honey Bees - Daniel C. & Devin 

    Documentary: Combating Food Waste - Annie & Michaela 

    Documentary: The Last Straw - Naya 

    Documentary:  The Dangerous Necessity - Sami

    PSA - Color Swap - Bennett

    PSA - Welcoming New Kids on Campus - Feliks 

    Creative Expression: The Benefits of Owning a Dog - Coral & Mahdi 

    Instructional: How to Not Procrastinate - Brian, Noah, Jeremiah

    Instructional: Preventing Sickness - Jenny & Kathryn 

    Instructional: How to Make Instant Ice! Gavin & Dylan F.


    Honorable Mention Plaque

    The Dangerous Necessity - Sami

    Welcoming New Kids on Campus - Feliks 

    How to Make Instant Ice! - Dylan F. & Gavin


    SEVA Award trophy

    The Last Straw - Naya



    SEVA awards photo

    Proud Mustangs!



    Click here to see the highlight video of the evening which features three DPM students