The Taught Curriculum: PYP Transdisciplinary Themes

  • We are proud of all the growth our programme has shown in all the years since we were authorized as an IB PYP World School and the hard work teachers and students have done to develop our IB practices and philosophy. We will be having our re-authorization visit on March 26th and 27th of this year. 
    Part of our work is writing curriculum using research based, best teaching practices. Our curriculum document is known as the "Programme of Inquiry" and it is proudly displayed at the entrance of our school along with "IB Planners" showing current units of study.
    Some distinguishing practices you may notice in our IB PYP programme are:
    * A focus on student led questioning, research and reflection
    * Regular collaboration by teachers within grade levels to write curriculum together
    * Teaching of study skills and citizenship integrated into every day
    * Authentic student created projects and assessments
    * Encouragement to become globally conscious leaders and take action to solve problems
    Our IB education is based on creating students that exemplify the Learner Profile, a detailed description of the ideals that create great students and future leaders:
     IB Learner Profile Attributes
    The IB's six "transdisciplinary themes" help teachers to develop a "Programme of Inquiry". This written curriculum supports deep investigations into important ideas, developed by students and teachers together, and requiring a high level of student engagement. Units of Inquiry are substantial, in-depth and last for 4-6 weeks.


    Our Units of Inquiry are guided by six transdisciplinary themes of IB. These Themes are research based to be globally significant, and they are an essential element of the programme:
    • Who We Are
    • Where We Are in Place and Time
    • How We Express Ourselves
    • How the World Works
    • How We Organize Ourselves
    • Sharing the Planet
    All units focus teaching to the PYP Key Concepts. These universal concepts enrich learning and help students draw universal connections between all academic subjects. The PYP Key Concepts are:
    • Form- What is it like?
    • Function- How does it work?
    • Causation- Why is it like it is?
    • Change- How is it changing?
    • Connection- How is it connected to other things?
    • Perspective- What are the points of view?
    • Responsibility- What is our responsibility?
    • Reflection- How do we know?
    IB Themes and Concepts transcend traditional boundaries between subject areas to help students create meaningful connections. Therefore, all of the following subject areas are integrated into our units:
    • Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Art
    • Spanish
    • Physical Education & Health

    Our Units of Inquiry are academically rigorous by integrating Common Core Standards, California State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. We believe that this learning which spans across subject areas creates a balanced learning experience for students, supporting their growth in every area. Our goal is to create knowledgeable, thinkers who become peaceful leaders for the future of our world.

    For more information see and feel free visit our school.

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Last Modified on January 30, 2020