Terminology Descriptions

  • 4x4 Block
    4 classes each block (90 minutes each class)

    2 blocks in a school year : Fall Block (August to December) and Spring Block (January to June)

    Each block is equivalent to 1 year of course work in a traditional school year (August to June)

    4 terms in a school year [T1 (Fall Term) : T2 (Fall Term) : T3 (Spring Term): T4 (Spring Term)]
    2 terms in each block.

    Each term students can earn 5 credits for each class with a grade of “D” or better.
    With passing grades, students earn 10 credits per class each block.

    Required Courses
    Courses needed for graduation.

    Elective Courses
    All courses that exceed the minimum high school graduation requirements.

    A-G Requirements
    Courses required for admissions by the UC/CSU systems.

    See college entrance requirements page.

    A report showing every class, credit and grade earned.

    Transcripts are sent home at the end of each term.  
    This is also known as Academic/Guidance Report.

    Grade Point Average: Determined by the number of classes taken and grade points earned.

    Weighted Grades
    A grading system under which Honors and Advanced Placement course grades are granted:

    A – 5.0     B – 4.0     C – 3.0     D – 2.0

    Unweighted Grades
    A – 4.0     B – 3.0     C – 2.0     D – 1.0

Last Modified on March 9, 2018