• STEAM Elective


    Most students take our STEAM wheel as their elective.  The STEAM wheel is made up of 2 or 3 classes (STEM Lab, Art and sometimes Computers).  Each year students will take 2 of these 3 classes (each for half of the year).  Students will rotate at the winter break.  A student that attends Sylvan for 3 years will typically take each class 2 or 3 times. Students are allowed to put in requests for which courses to take and if possible, we will honor the request. STEM lab is a mondern day version of shop class with an emphasis on designing projects, using tools and following directions.  Our Art class has a variety of traditional art projects but also some newer additions like digital projects and weaving!   

    Mrs. Hertzig - Art

    Mr. Farris - STEM Lab (Shop)

    TBA - Computer Technology (May or may not be offered depending on student enrollment)


    Art      Computers STEM Lab

Last Modified on March 5, 2020