• Tables:  22 total  72" (6') x 24" (2')

    Chairs:  72 total

    Posted Room Maximum Occupancy (base on square footage): 51 persons

     **Note:  These occupancy limits are flexible provided that the main entrance and the emergency exit are kept free of any obstructions to a quick and orderly exit.

    The tables and chairs can be repositioned to different configurations to accommodate different uses of the library space.  In all configurations, six of the darker stain 'curved side bracket' chairs are used at the front computer library alcove. Below are some of the configurations commonly used:


    Regular Use (This configuration is subject to change)

    One set of two tables spaced slightly apart beside the library alcove computers; three chairs per table.

    Four rows of four tables or six tables placed together in each row; three chairs per table.


    Lib Table N 01      Lib Table N 02      Lib Table N 03


    Lib Tab N 04      Lib Tab N 05


    Alternative Regular Use

    One set of four tables formed into a rectangle beside the library alcove computers; three chairs per table.

    Eight sets of two tables each spaced into eight separate stations; three chairs per table.

    One set of two tables placed end-to-end tucked between the last book stack and the fiction book wall; three chairs per table (Darker chairs with 'wing' support brackets).

    Standard Configuration View 01   Standard Configuration 02   Standard Configuration 03   Standard Configuration 04



    Group Meeting (Principals Meeting / CH Ed Committee / Athletic Directors)

    Eight tables formed into a large square adjacent to the large windows; three chairs per table

    Note that surrounding tables and chairs may need to be pushed back to allow walking space around the square.

     Library Table Group Setup 01      Library Table Group Setup 02      Library Table Group Setup 03



    Testing Spacing (AP Testing / PSAT Testing/CAASPP Testing)

    Test Setup 01      Testing Session 02      Test Session 03

    Test Session 04      Test Session 05      Test Session 06



    Business Academy Mock Interviews

    Library chairs lining the library lobby walls, for student seating.  One table for food and drinks at the wall under the wall clock.  A large plastic-sack lined garage can is placed beside this table.  A table just inside of the library main entrance for registration.  Tables spaced, according to the photos, throughout the library space, with two chairs at each table.  Side window blinds are kept down due to sun exposure onto the nearby tables. Food and drink can be placed in the fridge in the textbook room.


     Library Chairs Lobby 01      Library Chairs Lobby 02      Biz Acad Mock 01


     Biz Acad Mock 02      Biz Acad Mock 03      Biz Acad Mock 04      Biz Acad Mock 05


Last Modified on January 27, 2020