• Supplies List for the School Year:  

    Churchill Planner 

    2 sections in your big binder dedicated to French I & II (grammar & activities)

    1 section for the 6th graders dedicated to world language exploration

    Binder Paper  

    Pencils, eraser, pencil sharpner

    Color pencils and color markers

    Color Pen for correcting HW  

    Highlighter (recommended)

    3X5 index cards for vocabulary (flash cards) (not need for DL but necessary when we are back in the classroom)


    Donation Items:  (when we get back to the classroom... donations are optional but much appreciated any time during the school year)

    Kleenex Boxes  

    Clorox Wipes  

    Chisel-tip Dry Erase Pens (EXPO - low odor) 

    Color pencils and color markers 

    Gift Card to Office Max or Office Depot to be used to purchase above items

    $10 donations for classroom cultural needs

    Jolly Ranchers hard candy used for rewards/incentives

Last Modified on August 8, 2020