• Dear Parents and Guardians,

    The evidence is overwhelming that children who are read with for just a few minutes each night grow up to be better readers with a greater appreciation for literature and books.  Our school library is a wonderful resource for your student to find and check out a book for nightly reading.  However, before your child can check out a book I ask you to read and sign this permission slip.  Please discuss with your child the following guidelines regarding Carmichael Elementary Library’s policies and procedures:

    • Books are loaned for a period of one week. If your student’s book is not returned, or renewed, after one week your student will not be allowed to check out a new book.
    • Your student is responsible for protecting their library book from damage of any kind. Damage of any nature will result in a fine that needs to be paid before the student will be allowed to borrow a book from the library again. The fine will be determined based on the severity of the damage to the book.
    • If your student has unpaid fines, or missing books, they may not receive their report card until the book is turned in or the fine is paid.

    Thank you for supporting your child’s education.

    Mrs. Rafferty

    ICT Library



    Student Name:_____________________________  Parent Name:__________________________________

    Teacher:_________________________________ Parent Signature: ________________________________


    ___        I accept the terms and conditions of using the Carmichael Elementary School Library.  I allow my

    child to borrow library books when this paper is returned.  I understand that I am responsible for

    any fees incurred due to lost or damaged library books.


    ___        I do not want my child to be responsible for a library book.  Please do not loan my child a book at

    this time. Thank you.

     Library Permission Form

Last Modified on January 23, 2020