• Student Name           

    Teacher Name                


    Renee Oyula 


    Renee is very helpful in our 7th period science class. She is also kind and patient with those students around her.

    Melanie Stephens 


    Melanie always tries her best in class and is always empathetic to others. 

    Dillon DeBorba 


    Dillon has been working hard in class! He is helpful and kind to his partners. 

    Emily Rapp 


    Emily often pushes her friend Emma's wheelchair, and is always kind to everyone. 

    Kaylee Gibbs 


    Kaylee worked tirelessly all summer to plan the Back to School dance, putting in hours that went above and beyond. 


    Julian Aguilar 


    Julian is making fantastic progress; he is an excellent example of Working to Succeed! 

    Dallen Hansen


    Dallen has become a GREAT role model for our band. He comes to class prepared, with a positive attitude, and ready to learn. 

    Thomas ¨Eli" Montoya


    Eli is our 7th period TA, which is social skills time for our students. In a few short weeks Eli has learned the classroom routine, and the students names. He is also able/willing to facilitate activities/games with the students. He always asks if he can do more.

    William Bailey


    William works hard on every assignment.  He is enthusiastic and has a positive attitude every day. 

    Mercedes Taylor 


    Mercedes completes all her class work, asks quality questions and is quiet leader for her peers.

    Jordan Friend 


    Art---Jordan is always friendly and is always asking if I need help.  If we need a supply for a project she brings it in for the whole class.  SHe's so sweet and kind to everyone! 

    Tabitha Olsen 


    Tabitha has started the year off great in Physical Education. She participates every day and performed above proficiency in all of her fitness assessments. 

    Matthew Bezeck 


    Math---Matthew always comes in enthusiastic and friendly and is a great role model for others on being prepared and ready to learn when the bell rings. 

    Celeste Detres 


    ELA - Celeste has been WORKING TO SUCCEED! She always has a positive attitude and does whatever it takes! She is an amazing student, and I am lucky to have her in class!  

    Jack Decelle 


    Jack is churning out great work as he remains focused and able to avoid any distraction or drama coming his way. 

    Daniel Matveev


    EL - Daniel is a wonderful student in English class , where he helps other students and contributes positive comments to the class discussion. he is a perfect student of the month candidate. 

    Evelyn Vaca Davila


    Evey always has a smile on her face, is prepared for class and is a great self advocate when she needs help. She is asks questions, participates and volunteers when needed. Evey is an excellent student and has made a smooth transition into middle school. Keep up the good work!

    Pilot Gonzi

    J Feldmann

    All business with a smile.  Pilot always does his best, stays on task and stays friendly to all in the class.  Thank you, Pilot.

    Jenna Casanova


    Jenna is the top of student that always makes classroom better. She is consistently enthusiastic, always incredibly helpful to everyone, and has a wonderful heart.  You're the best Jenna!! 

    Sophie Zimmermann 


    Sophie helps me all the time during her own time. She is the first one to step up and volunteer. I know that when I am not in my office she is running it like I would. Thank you for all you do! 

    Darius Andras 


    Darius is caring and helpful with his peers at the origami table.  He is always willing to assist others in making a ninja star.  Thanks a million!

    Iain Zechender 


    This young man demonstrates all of the traits to be a successful student.  Not only is he a hard worker, but he is kind and smiles a lot!