Residential Eligibility




    Bella Vista High School is bound by California Interscholastic Federation residential eligibility rules and regulations. For additional information, please visit:  You will need to complete this transfer form and submit it to the Athletic Director to get the CIF transfer process started. 
    A student has residential eligibility upon initial enrollment in the ninth grade of any California Interscholastic Federation high school. A student retains residential eligibility if continuously enrolled in the CIF member high school of initial enrollment, transfers prior to the first day of the sophomore year or changes schools with a valid change in residence as defined in CIF Bylaws. Any ninth grade student who is transferring for a second time, or any tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade student, who transfers without a valid change of residence, will have limited eligibility for one year from the date of transfer. Any evidence of undue influence (recruiting), academic ineligibility at a previous school or disciplinary reasons for a transfer will impact eligibility at the new school.
    The only exceptions to this rule will require documentation of a hardship which is defined as an “unforeseeable, unavoidable and uncorrectable act, condition or event which causes the imposition of a severe and non-athletic burden upon the student/family.” The section and state CIF will review the documentation for a waiver of this rule.
    A transfer student shall contact the athletic director or administrator in charge of athletics to determine his/her eligibility status and to complete any necessary forms. No athlete shall participate in competition until all forms have cleared.
    Any student whose address has been falsified to achieve residential eligibility will be ineligible in all interscholastic athletic competition for a period of one year from the date the infraction is verified.  
    If a student and his/her parents move out of the attendance area but the student remains at the school, the student will maintain eligible but should immediately report his/her change of residence to the Attendance Office.  
    Important Forms: