Outside Competition




    A student on a high school team becomes ineligible if the student competes in a contest on an "outside" team, in the same sport, during the student's high school season of sport. 
    Any student, who competes on a school team after an infraction of the above rule, becomes immediately ineligible for the number of contests equal to twice the number of contests of outside competition in which the student participated. Games, in which the student participated, after the infraction of the rule, shall be forfeited.
    It is permissible for a high school team member to participate in a spontaneous recreational activity or game in which sides or teams are chosen without regard to players representing any group or organization. Such participation would not cause loss of eligibility.
    Any athlete qualifying for an Olympic Development Program is required to contact the Athletic Administrator at least 30 days prior to participation.
    Each CIF section may grant approval, upon individual petition, for a gifted athlete to travel to a foreign country to participate in international competition sanctioned by the governing body for that sport in the United States.
    Any athlete who has any questions about eligibility, or who is considering outside competition, should contact the administrator in charge of athletics before entering into any competition.
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