Short-Term Independent Study: Information for Staff

  • School sites are able to serve students who meet the minimum criteria and will miss five to ten consecutive days of school through Short-Term Independent Study (STIS). Serving students through STIS helps students academically and helps the district re-capture lost ADA.

    Parents are encouraged to contact the site principal five days prior to the student not attending school to request a short term independent study contract. Although STIS accommodates most students, principals may deny the request based on conflict with testing, academic and attendance concerns, or past incomplete contracts.

    STIS instructions and master agreement (contract) forms are available under “forms and docs” on the intranet (#105831)

    Important reminders when processing an STIS contract:

    • Please ensure the contract is completed in full and signed prior to the begin date. The dates on the contract are as follows: begin date on contract is the first day the student will not attend school & the end date is the school day the student is anticipated to return (please note the begin and end dates should be when school would be in session)
    • All work needs to be turned in by the end date. The school staff receiving the work must date and initial the work when it is returned. Students may fax or scan the work to return it. Please make sure the fax machines at your site have the correct dates listed on received faxes.
    • Once the work is returned by the student, staff will initial and date the received work and the teacher* will evaluate the work and determine the “attendance credit days”. Please make sure the student absence code is changed from “J” to “I”. Grades K-6, please place the master agreement (contract) and work sample together and place it in the school attendance file with the monthly detail. *Students in grade 7-12 will have an El Sereno teacher evaluate the work.

    EC Section 46300(e)(1) allows districts to claim apportionment for students "participating in independent study" for five or more consecutive school days.

    There is no distinction in law between short-term and long-term independent study— the same legal requirements must be met in either case. The phrase "short-term independent study" refers to independent study provided to a classroom-based student who needs to be away from school and on independent study for a short period of time (usually a matter of days or weeks) but who will return to the classroom. In these cases, the student’s classroom teacher often serves as the independent study supervising teacher and provides the independent study assignments (coursework the student would have covered had he or she remained in the classroom during this period).
Last Modified on June 6, 2014