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    Below is a checklist to use when preparing a formal bid or proposal. The list includes common errors made by bidders and offers responding to RFQs, Bids and RFPs. Please note that these instructions do not contain all applicable requirements and a careful reading of the RFQ, Bid and RFP is critical.
    • Review all standard terms and conditions
    • Make sure pricing adds up correctly
    • Sign your bid or offer on the front page or elsewhere as indicated
    • Initial any bid or offer changes you make
    • Submit bid security (if requested)
    • Include literature (if requested)
    • Bid bonds
    • Review and complete all listed requirements
    • Cost of goods or service to include F.O.B. destination (Ship to address) Freight prepaid
    • Acknowledgment of Addendum(s) (if any)


  • Open RFP, RFQ, & Bids for Construction


    Please click on the job listings below to view RFP, RFQ, Bids & Awards documents:

20-113 San Juan HS Auditorium Audio Visual Upgrade

20-110 Bella Vista High School Path of Travel Improvements Project

20-108 RFP for LLB Services - Barrett New Construction & Modernization

20-104 Cottage ES New Construction

  • Coming Soon

  • Awarded Jobs (Current Fiscal Year)

20-103 District Wide Communication Infra Upgrade Group 6

20-101 Architectural/Engineering Services Pool RFQ

19-141 Various High School Gym Floor Refinishing

19-130 -LAN Switches - E-rate YR 22

  • Archives

19-139 Relocation of portables from Dyer-Kelly Es to Winterstein Cancelled

19-138 Arden Middle School New Two story building

19-129 District Wide UPS Upgrade Group C1 - Coming soon

19-126 Twin Lakes Elementary School HVAC Upgrade

19-125 Ottomon Elementary School HVAC Upgrade

19-124 Carriage Elementary School HVAC Upgrade

19-123 District Wide UPS Upgrade Group B2

19-122 District Wide UPS Upgrade Group B1

19-121 District Wide UPS Upgrade Group A2

19-120 District Wide UPS Upgrade Group A1

19-119 Winterstein Gateway Charter MOD Electrical Switchgear and transformer

19-116 Winterstein Gateway Charter MOD HVAC Equipment

19-115 Winterstein Gateway Charter MOD Increment 1 Mod

19-114 Nine (9) 2019 Chevrolet Express 3500 Cargo Vans

19-113 Twin Lakes HVAC Canceled

19-112 Ottomon HVAC Canceled

19-111 Carriage HVAC Canceled