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    Teacher Name                


    Lauren Baker


     Lauren is one of the most conscientious students I have ever had. She is super intelligent and very responsible.

    Quentin Parker 


    Quentin always tries his best in PE, he has improved his tiger track score and is always pleasant to work with. 

    Terra Johnson 

    Ms. Perez 

    Terra is such a huge help to me in Attendance. She has been great at learning the job and taking direction. She helps me during her own time as well. I appreciate her willingness to help and positive attitude. Keep up the good work! 

    Hannah Howton


    Hannah is hard working and kind to everyone.  She helps other students, she volunteers to help with things in class (like finish plugging in the chromebooks) and always has a great attitude!  Nice job Savanna! 

    Esther Araujo

    Wilson (Overholt's Sub)

    Esther was a really big help while I was there, and she is a natural leader and a great student. She is very kind and helpful to her peers as well. 

    Jayla Stuart 


    Jayla is a bright, lively, and super helpful student. She is always willing to help her classmates be successful!

    Jacob  Stuart 


    Jacob is willing to help anyone who needs it.   One of the beauties of this is you never need to ask... he just jumps right in.   He also works very hard to improve himself academically.  No excuses... just hard work.   Great kid!

    Camren Paz 

    B. Feldman 

    Huge improvements from this student! In October, his hard work, focus, and renewed desire to succeed, have earned Camren Paz our Student of the Month award.

    Ariah Mohmed 


    Ariah is an exceptional musician and great leader for our percussion section. She comes to class with a smile and ready to work together to improve our sound. Ariah rocks!

    Jenna  Casanova


    Always helping out participating in class, protecting my treats from treat goblins. Student of the Month for sure.

    Jordan Friend 


    Jordan is my choice for Wood Shop Student of the Month.  Jordan is always on top of her game.  She knows what has to be done and does it.  She seems to enjoy creating her projects, and she really is pretty darn friendly.  Thank you, Jordan 

    Jadyn Reynolds 


    Jadyn works really hard in class; she tries more than any student I've seen.  She is also incredibly helpful if needed. She never says, "no," to anything with which I ask her to help.   

    Phenix Weber


    Phenix is doing a great job in class.  She is putting a lot of effort into her assignments and working hard.  

    Landon Henderson 


    Landon Henderson has been doing a great job in History. He participates in discussions, and makes sure all his assignments are complete. 

    Savannah Ruhling 


    Savannah's writing is insightful, and she understands how historical concepts can be applied to contemporary issues.

    Zeke John 


    Zeke is absolutely fantastic helping students fix their bikes.  Appreciate your expertise!

    Maritza Tiu Sotz 


    Maritza comes to class ready to learn and with such a positive attitude.

    Keep up the good work! 

    Tyler Ayala 


    Tyler is always on task and goes above and beyond in his effort.  Even when he was on independent study, he worked so hard. 

    Braden Horner 


    Braden is a fantastic kid!!  He consistently enters my class with positive energy, is always willing to help other students, gives 100% effort every day, and his personality helps to create a great classroom climate.  Way to go Braden!!

    Jayla Stuart 


    Jayla is a ball of energy that keeps me going at the end of a long day.  She is helpful, funny, and a great all around girl. 

    Faith Bridgewater 


    Faith is very conscientious in making sure she keeps her grades up in math.  She is a hard worker and focused on doing her best. 

    Tripp Shoemaker 


    Tripp is participates and goes above and beyond in math.  He is on task and is a great role model for others.