• Frequently Asked Questions

    (High School Honors)


    What is the criteria for placement in high school Honors classes?

    All San Juan high schools offer various Honors classes. Students who have demonstrated high achievement, interest, and/or potential in one or more areas may be ready to take Honors classes. Enrollment in Honors classes takes place in the spring during the course selection process. At that time, the school will assist students in choosing which Honors classes will best meet their academic needs by reviewing information including previous classes taken, grades, standardized tests, and teacher recommendations.


    Why doesn't the Advanced and Accelerated Programs Office place students in the Honors Program?

    All high schools offer Honors classes, therefore, placement by the Advanced and Accelerated Programs Office is not necessary. High schools have the flexibility to provide the number of Honors classes needed based on the number of eligible Honors students. 


    How are the International Baccalaureate (IB) students placed?

    Mira Loma is the only high school that offers IB. Students from Churchill's IB Program may choose to continue in the IB Program at Mira Loma. New placements in Mira Loma's IB Program are done directly by Mira Loma High School. Although a student may be authorized for enrollment in Mira Loma's IB Program, each family must go through Open Enrollment to have their student enrolled in Mira Loma.  


    For on-going San Juan students, what will occur during 9th grade registration at the high school?

    During registration, the high school staff will review with the student and parent/guardian middle school information that is recorded on an articulation card. The high school staff will register a student for Honors classes based on the recommendations, eligibility, and availability. 


    How do private school students and other students new to the district qualify for Honors?

    For students from outside of the San Juan Unified School District who will be attending one of the district's high schools in the upcoming year, contact the counseling office of the high school that the student will be attending. The counseling office will request the information that they will need for placement, such as the most recent report card/transcripts, standardized test scores, etc.


    What criterion is used to determine on-going enrollment in Honors classes?

    Students need to consistently maintain an A, B, or C grade in Honors classes. Students who earn C, D, or F grades will be counseled and may be removed from Honors classes.


    For further information on freshman entrance into the Honors classes, contact the counseling office of the high school your student will attend in the fall. For a directory of phone numbers, visit the School Counselor Directory


Last Modified on November 29, 2018