• El Camino Choir News!

    Congratulations are in order to the students of the El Camino Choral Program for their performances this past Saturday at the California Music Educators Association/Capitol Section Golden Empire Music Festival. This is an adjudicated festival where each of the choirs performs for three professional judges. They are scored (out of 100) and rated (Superior, Excellent, Fair, Needs Improvement) based on sound quality, technical accuracy, musicality, and stage presence.

    Both of our choirs received “Triple Superior” Ratings at the festival (the highest rating a group can receive). This means that each of the three judges scored the groups at the top of the previously listed categories. One of the other directors at the festival pulled me aside and told me that, after watching our choirs perform, he told his entire choir program that we are the role models for what a high school choir program should look like. You can see the scores below:

    Eagle Choir

    Judge 1:         96/100

    Judge 2:         95/100

    Judge 3:         94/100

    Overall Rating:          I – “Triple Superior” 


    Treble Choir

    Judge 1:         95/100

    Judge 2:         93/100

    Judge 3:         94/100

    Overall Rating:          I – “Triple Superior” 

     This marks the 6th straight year that both of the choirs in our program have received “Triple Superior” ratings at festival. Both groups continue to represent true excellence on this campus, and are making a significant impact on the choral community at large. If you have any of the following students in your classes or see them around campus, feel free to congratulate them on their hard work, accomplishments, and the highest representation of El Camino High School:

     Rachel Adams

    Gianna Anderson

    Joe Aubrey

    Osbaldo Avila

    Drew Brown

    Kaila Burow

    Lorelei Campbell

    Alyssa Cardinale

    Savannah Carruth

    Erica Dupree

    Ivy Dyson

    Hamza Damlakhi

    Mahala Edgar

    Kaylie Fawver

    Maren Fechter

    Jocelyn Field

    Piper Finnerty

    Leina Forrest

    Jillian Friedman

    Joe Frier

    Norah Finney

    Collin Gerbitz

    Autumn Haltom

    Jazmine Hibbs

    Abigail Hightower

    Rachel John

    Carly Jones

    Luke Jordan

    Abigail Kappes

    Laken Kendrick

    Tori King

    Bryn Kirkpatrick

    Tamami Matsuda

    Sierra Lewis

    Briana Lilly

    Izzy Maldonado

    Abigail Mendoza

    Leticia Miranda

    Antonio Monedero

    Hana Moyle

    Josh Mullins

    Sam Reich

    Lexi Ridenhour

    Rowan Roberts

    Maria Salazar

    Kalise Sprowl

    Alaina Stimpson

    Lauren Swain

    Charlie Swanston

    Erin Wheeler

    Mikaila White

    Priscilla White

    Jacob Whitlow

    Melanie Worthington

    Nyasia Young


    Go Eagles!




    David Vanderbout, Choral Director

    Photo of women's choir members  Photo of concert choir members


    Image of Concert Choir students dressed in black clothing  Image of Treble Choir students dressed in black.

Last Modified on April 11, 2019