Carmichael School Mission and Goals

  • Children, parents, and staff work cooperatively at Carmichael School in a safe and caring environment where all children can learn, be successful and prepare themselves to contribute to a changing world.

    Our Goals:
    • Be literate
    • Develop a sense of responsibility
    • Be able to work cooperatively with other students
    • Develop good communication skills
    • Practice moral and ethical behavior
    • Develop good problem-solving skills
    • Show respect and tolerance for differences
    • Be a life-long learners (develop intellectual curiosity)
    • Develop an aesthetic sense and appreciation
    • Live a healthy lifestyle (feeling of self-wroth and physical well being)
    School Responsibilities:
    • Teach and model school rules and acceptable standards of behavior
    • Communicate to parents/guardians student’s progress and other school- related information
    • Consistently enforce school and district rules and procedures
    • Treat each individual and situation with respect and objectivity
    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:
    • Read and discuss the school’s School Climate Policy and Procedures with their child/children
    • Support and generate respect for staff, school, property, and programs
    • Reinforce behaviors that are consistent with district and school policy
    • Communicate with the school about student progress
    Student Responsibilities:
    • Learn and follow school rules and procedures
    • Respect the rights and property of others
    • Exhibit and model positive attitudes and actions
    • Make responsible choices using communication and problem-solving
Last Modified on June 8, 2014